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Letters of support

A snapshot of some of the support we’ve received since 2007

- The Council of the Carleton University Academic Academic Staff Association (CUASA) passed a resolution in support of creating a student-run, university funded sexual assault centre at Carleton. Yay!

- Our proposal for a student-run, peer-support centre at Carleton has been threatened by the University. CUASA has responded in support of the model we’ve proposed.

- ‘Student Victims of Sexual Assault Need Support’ : An editorial by Craig and Marc Keilburger

- ‘There is no shame’: An open letter to President Runte from blogger Mom4Choice

- ‘Students need a sexual assault support centre’ : An anonymous letter to The Charlatan

- ‘Assault counselling biased to mainstream’: An anonymous letter to The Charlatan

- ‘My Story’ : An anonymous letter of support we received from a survivor

- Professors Dr. Jennifer Evans and Dr. Patrizia Gentile wrote to The Ottawa Citizen in support of our peer-support model